lundi 9 mai 2011

Monday 09.05.11

I can't believe that 5 weeks have gone by without my posting anything!!! Truth to tell we have been stuck in Migennes since 04.04.11. as our bow thrusters have blown up  and thanks to the boatbuilders (who will not talk to us) we have got to pick up the sizeable bill for their repair. We have tried to reason with us but they just will not communicate with us....advise your friends to NEVER have a boat built in the Czech Republic even if they are backed by a 'supposed' British company, they are not worth the paper they are printed on....
Anyway we returned to the UK for Easter and for me to see the plastic surgeon, Im now booked in sometime in October to have a reconstruction done so I shall be all woman again then!!!
We are stuck here in Migennes awaiting a part from a firm in Holland to repair our bow-thrusters, which were incorrectly fitted by the manufacturer. What happened to them should not have been possible so now we have to wait whilst the part is manufactured!!
We have been having a nice time and have spent many a lovely evening around our BBQ with a bottle of red wine discussing the world etc! We have met many interesting people who have stopped for work to be done on their boats and also some bores....they know who they are!!!!
Yesterday we went to a 'Vide Grenier' (literaly 'empty attic'). This involved an entire Village closing their roads and hundreds (about 400!) of stalls lining the streets selling all manner of goods from baby clothes to farm implements!!. It was the most enormous sale Ive ever seen and we were there for about 5 hours and made a few puchases.....

I was going to insert some pix but the computer says 'NO' !!!!   Fortunately the computer said yes today (11.05.11)

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