dimanche 15 mai 2011

15.05.11. Sunday...MAN OVERBOARD!!!!!

Well the boat was finally mended friday night and we spent yesterday cleaning, shopping and generally getting ready to depart...AT LAST!!!! We invited a couple and their kids in for drinks at 6pm, although the cleaning wasn't completed so we are not departing until monday morning. We had a great time and several cans of beer were consumed. the ownwer of the boatyard arrived with our enormous bill (thank you once again Czech boatyard and English Boatbuilder- we may name them sometime in this blog but you have been warned, dont BUY from that combination..EVER no matter how good the deal appears to be...) and joined in with the wine and conversation.
Everyone decided to go at the same time and John generously decided to give Mark a can of beer to take away with him. In John's befuddled mind it seemed a good idea to walk the narrow gunwhales along the boat to the bows, the beer being more important than himself. With both hands holding the beers he came to the end of the gunwhales and just stepped into the river. I waited for him to come up but he didn't....just sunk below the surface.....Mark dived in , grabbed his belt and hauled him up and Nicola (Marks wife) and I hauled him back overboard. In the kerfuffle we lost a step ladder overboard too! I was just so scared and having got him into the bows of the boat he lay like a beached whale, his first words were 'is the beer ok?'???????? He looked grey and cold and without more ado I tried to get him into the shower!! Poor Mark was freezing too and the chap in the boat next door got a grappling hook on thin twine and hooked out our ladder and the one of the cans of beer, puncturing it in the process.......... No pictures I'm afraid there wasnt time!
In retrospect I'm quite happy to have given the watergoddess the beer in exchange for John.....

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