mardi 31 mai 2011


We left Tanlay and travelled to Lezinnes where we moored beside some ancient lime kilns which enterprising people had made into their allottments!!  We had to wait for 40 minutes inside the lock at Lezinnes as the lockeeper had disappeared off to do 2 other locks!!........
We moored the next night  at Ancy-le-franc and stayed there for 2 nights until this morning. John did an oil change on the engine and gearbox and fixed the hydraulics. We made a couple of forages into the countryside by bike and replaced John's watch in the market (it is still working!!).We left Ancy-Le-Franc and went to Ravieres where we had the place to ourselves!! Had a couple of scarey things as we came close to some of the huge Hotel Barges that travel in this stretch of water, one of them my namesake!!

My namesake!! even spelt it properly!!!

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