dimanche 22 mai 2011

22.05.11. 1st week of travelling!!!

I cant't believe that it is only a week since we started doing this , it seems like we've been doing it forever!!! But this week hasnt been without it's fraught times!!! We have stayed by the side of the canal most nights and avoided the actual villages and towns and I must say it has been wonderfully tranquil and our electricity has lasted us, even watching the TV (DVD) and doing the cooking etc...

This was our mooring for last Tuesday and Wednesday nights just before Villiers-Vineux Ecluse. We didn't intend, initially, to stay for 2 nights but for reasons best known to the lockeepers, there was no-one at the lock you can see in the distance on Wednesday so we had to wait another night!! Mind you it was lovely and we saw the most amazing fish about 3 ft long! I also needed some time to recover from the naked flasher who displayed his wares to me just before the 'Pont de Crecy' bridge!!!!!  However, our bow thrusters were playing up again, which made us very sad considering the fortune we'd paid at the boatyard to get them mended!
Thursday morning saw us continuing on the canal and we spent the next night just past Charrey lock where we had the most fantastic thunder storm.... John checked the connections (again) on the bow thrusters and somehow managed to get them to work again!!!!
The scenery is beutiful with miles and miles of rolling green, and it all feels so tranquil!
We moored at Tonnere for some essential foodstuffs which we got with the aid of our electric bikes and Trailer, we felt soooo ecological!!!
Moored for Friday night after lock 95 so we can go to Tonnere market tomorrow.....
John nearly fell in at Dannemoine lock. The female lockeeper disappeared just after our arrival and John left the boat to put on our lines.... on his return to the boat he missed his step and very nearly fell in again, instead he paid the water goddess again with his wristwatch. never an 'on time' person his tardiness now has to be seen to be believed.......!!!
The market was very small and we got on our way again after lunch and we moored last night for the night at Tanlay.  A beautiful village complete with its own chateaux and free water, electricity and rubbish disposal!!! We are moored behind a huge hotel boat 'La Belle Epoque' whose visitors pay an astronomic £3,500 per week each!!

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