jeudi 12 mai 2011

12.05.11. Thursday

Well, here we are still stuck in Migennes!! Yesterday we drove to Sens (in the car) as we had been told that our spare part was in the boatyard there...Well, part of it was but another part wasn't so here we go again... we were told that it would be here this morning but it hasn't arrived so I can't see us moving this side of the weekend....
My garden on top of the boat is looking fab and I have even got my first red strawberry, ready to be eaten!! Ive never grown anything before so I'm really pleased!!

Whilst I'm growing my green fingers, John is trying to develop 'fish fingers' and is trying to catch langoustines....the fellow in the boat next door has lent him the kit but thankfully he hasnt caught a thing yet!!!!!

Bless him , he doesn't deal well with disappointment!!!! This morning we walked around to the local market and on the way fed the ducks, there were a few ducklings who look so sweet, but they kept swimming out of the photos.... I managed a couple though!!

Wow that's 2 entries for this week now...... hopefully I shall be too busy doing the locks soon to put up any more, we still havent quite decided where we are going yet!!!

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