dimanche 3 avril 2011


We woke up in our lovely little spot at Gurgy to a brilliant sunny day and got on way by 09.30hrs back in the direction of Auxerre.  At the first lock we realised our bow thrusters had died..... they are totally broken and we will need to crane the boat out of the water to get them mended.....

We arrived at Auxerre and moored to board our friends Marie-Jo and her husband Michel with their children Gabriel and Joanne.  We took them for a really nice cruise up the Nivernais canal as far as Vaux and back again but at Preuilly lock on the way back the engine died completely and wouldnt start again. Michel and John looked at the engine and all the wiring for ages (about 2 hours) whilst Gabriel watched Madagasca on the DVD in English!!! He had ice cream and seemed to enjoy himself!! Eventually we realised we were stuck so John and Michel pulled the boat with ropes out of the lock and we moored just outside on the bank.

Sorry they are on their sides but I cannot put the the right way, the computer is saying NO again!!!!
 Our poor guests had to walk home and we felt so sorry for them but at least the sun was shining. We curled up with a horror DVD and our dinner and had a nice night in isolation!!

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  1. Yikes! We hope the problem is fixed and you're on your way again! Deb & Randy