mardi 31 mai 2011


We stayed at Raviere for 3 nights. It was a lovely sleepy village and the weather was fantastically hot! I did all my washing and it dried on our roof in less than 2 hours...even the bathsheets!!
We met the 2 Terrys' who are in their widebeam 'Renaissance' and spent a couple of lovely evenings with them! We learnt the intracacies of Boules from them, and although we had been playing quite a lot we didnt know the proper rules until we met them!
My fantastic picture skills.... If you look sideways you will see a heron who we scared into flying off....the computer says 'No' to my moving it round here!!
The butchers shop in Ravieres with the most fantastic painted mirrors outside the shop, and the ceiling inside (I didn't get a photo of that though!!)
We left Ravieres yesterday and aimed for 'Cry' but there was no room there so we headed for Rougemont, where we couldn't find the moorings, so we carried on to 'Buffon' and stayed there in tranquility for the night.
Today we left Buffon in the pouring rain (our first for a long time so I suppose we shouldn't grumble!!) and travelled quite a long way to 'Montbard'. A large town, not particularly attractive but it did have good sized supermarkets so we stocked the cupboards up and hastily left the town moorings as we didnt want to pay the 15 + euros that they wanted for a night there!!!
We intended going through the next lock 'Nogent No 63' but having got into the lock and tied up we waited and waited but nobody appeared.... Eventually a man peered over the lock edge at us and said there was nobody there!!! We asked for a phone number to contact the canal people and eventually got through to them....There was no-one to do the lock tonight so John had to reverse out of the lock and we are now moored at the entrance until tomorrow when they promise someone will turn up to do it for us!!!

The photo is when we were stuck in the lock tonight!!!! But we are moored safely now!!

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  1. Hi and great to see your blog post - we met the two Terry's last year in Genelard! Tell them we said hi if you see them again! Shoving off tomorrow, hopefully it will be sunny. See you somewhere along the canals!