dimanche 27 février 2011

Saturday 26.02.11

Tonight our young french friends invited us to dinner at one of their houses in a little village called 'Milly' which is near Chablis. We got ready to go out bemoaning the vile weather which was a torrential downpour. When we arrived it was to find that the two people we had expected were in fact 6, and gradually the place filled and we were surrounded by 15 of France's youth. OUR FIRST FRENCH PARTY!!!! We were introduced but I soon forgot who was who but we had a fantasic evening and one we shall always remember. Very stupidly I had offered to stay sober, so I could drive home and John could drink..... Adrien (whose home it was) is our french friend who owns fields of vines and manufactures his own'Bio' wine so naturally there was a sea of wine there. They gave us a 'french savoyade fondue' evening and several times I thought I had fallen asleep and woken up in the 70's as Queen and the Kinks music blared out and we sat round with our bits of bread and fondue forks. Home-made (by Adrien) chocolate mousse followed and I had to really try to maintain my strict calory input!  The food was followed by an impromptu dance, and when I realised that I could no longer support John I decided that it was time to take him back to the boat before it became impossible for me to get him safely over the threshold!! We had such a great time , thank you to you all, whose names I still cant remember but I have remembered a couple of very naughty french phrases which I will try to retain.!!!

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