lundi 14 février 2011

Saturday 12.02.11.

This evening we had 5 young french friends round for a huge chilli con carne. It was very good, I didnt use any mixes, all fresh ingredients and all the pans were scraped clean... not a single crumb left for the poor old ducks and swans.... We explored several different types of wine , shared our scotch with them and they shared their 'Marc de Chateau Grenouille'. This is a distillate from the chablis grapes and tastes wonderful but totally different from anything we've tasted before... A kind of local speciality but one we could become used to except that it is 43%!!! They all eventually went home at about 1.30 am and we retired... Yesterday I felt very sorry for myself...and rather unwell...... I dont think I drank too much but just that the various liquors maybe clashed inside my chemo washed liver...... Oh well, I feel better now despite it being monday morning.!!!

An innocent looking wine bottle which packed the punch of a lion!!!!!!

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