lundi 14 février 2011

Sunday 06.02.11

Today was the 44th Chablis wine festival of St Vincent. We didnt know what to expect but drove to the town to find that we had to park in the next village as the road into Chablis was blocked off !!! We have never seen anything like it, everthing green was covered in multicoloured paper flowers giving the impression that it was high summer, despite being wintery february! The sun shone brightly to complete the illusion. We had a great time and once more paid 5 euros for an engraved glass and were then allowed to drink as much as we wanted..... We had a really good time they even installed a giant lemonade machine for those who were driving!!  I bet there were some very sore heads in surrounding areas when monday and work loomed it's ugly head....!

Me at the lemonade pump..... It was a really lovely day, the french certainly know how to do a wine festival...

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