dimanche 20 février 2011

Sunday 22.02.11

This week we have spent alot of time just enjoying the sunshine and doing odd jobs around the barge. Thursday dawned bright and clear so went for a picnic along the towpath. We cycled to Bailly having had lunch at a lock along the way. The views were fantastic and made us long to start on our big adventure of travelling by barge.
 The 2nd lock from Auxerre . 

 Our lunch spot, idyllic and no-one around!!!

We had a good cycle took us all afternoon and I set off back in front of John. Id got to the first village, looked back and he wasnt behind me...!!! I waited and waited, and after 10 minutes turned round and cycled nearly the whole way back to find that his chain had come off and he was well fed up!! It started to get really cold and we were very pleased to get back inside our lovely warm home and have a nice hot cup of tea!!

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