jeudi 24 février 2011

Thursday 24.02.11

Well, I think that spring is officially here as my 2 swans gave us a pornographic display, right outside our kitchen window!!! Poor John was doing the washing up....... (Mmmmm...!!!). We both decided, having watched, that we neither of us wanted to come back as swans.... They seem to have adopted us as their parents demanding food from us at all times. The other morning John was woken at 3am by their beaks tapping on the hull and demanding bread through the window!!! They are quite sweet though, and I always buy them a baguette (at least 1, often 2 or 3) from the supermarket. They talk to us making funny little noises and wagging their tails, I just hope to goodness that they dont think we are swans and are expecting more than bread from us.......???!!!!
The one you can see at the boat is called Flanders and his wife is Swann ( after that well known duo). We can tell the difference as Flanders has a scar above his beak ( hence 'Flanders' doubles for a war wound as well, as in WW1 battles).
They have disappeared from view now so I can only presume that they have gone off to look at houses in which to raise their future offspring...

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