dimanche 27 février 2011

Thursday evening 24.02.11

Tonight, John decided to brave the dark and cold and go in search of some live music. We'd heard that there was a reggae band playing at a local venue and it was free...!! I was busy watching the thriller on TV (Marchlands) which John hadnt been following anyway, so he went without me. He returned at 11pm saying it was really good and so I dressed and went back with him.  What an experience! It was free but we had to queue up to get a ticket, which in turn we gave to the bouncer, who stamped our hands..... Very strange. But then when we wanted a drink, we had to queue again, buy a plastic orange beaker for a euro (refundable on return of the beaker) and purchase tokens which we exchanged for our drinks at the bar... An awful pallaver but worth the effort! The reggae was good and we danced until the place shut at midnight. We were given warning that the bar shut at midnight and above the bar appeared an electric digital countdown clock reducing in seconds....really weird evening but it was fun anyway, and the most alive that we have ever found the people of Auxerre to be. We werent the eldest there but were definitely close to being, but nobody laughed or pointed so we just had a good time!!

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