dimanche 13 mars 2011

Sunday 13.03.11

We've had an interesting week, we've been to Tonnere and seen the amazing medieval town. sadly we couldnt get into the church on top of the hill, after we had climbed the many steps to look at it!!
We managed to get into a small run down church where we found this lovely window and ceiling.

View from the church that was closed!!

Some of the houses were right at the river's edge!
We also spent last wednesday evening with our Friend 'marie-Jo and her delightful 2 children. she showed us around town and taught us some back routes to places. gabriel (her son) was really pleased to return to the boat for strawberries and ice-cream......
Thursday evening we went to a rock concert at 'Le Silex'. a very good evening although it didnt go on long enough! It was however, free so we couldnt really complain!
Last night we had dinner for 7 on board the barge. we will be moving off from next week so we might not have the same group here again.....!! I cooked Beouf Bourgynon (the proper way) no jars or packets and they all said how good it was, considering 4 of them were french I think that was lovely praise!! Only I could could a local speciality for locals!!

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