vendredi 3 août 2012

Sunday 29.07.12

Well we are moving shortly from Lagny so a quick catch up on the last 2 weeks.  We spent a day in Paris, we left the boat at Lagny and went on the train to see the sights. We walked miles, saw Eiffel tower, Notre Dame, Palais de Justice, Paris beach, French river police, and made our way back to the boat....I was totally exhausted!!
 Palais de Justice

 Paris Beach, Eiffel Tower in the background
Paris River Police.......
We made many friends in Lagny, and we were moored outside a ladies' house who was called Jackie. She invited us to dinner in her house where we were treated to a large meal cooked in the Brittany style as this was where she originated. We had a fab time and the next day we invited everyone to the boat for a drink, heres their photo....
Jackie, her friend and Julie (l to r)
We also visited Meaux First World War museum, also travelling by train and bus...not boat! It was a whole day excursion but really well worth the visit, and we would recommend it to anyone in this area.
 Mobile pidgeon loft WW1
 Early aeroplane WW1
Fantastic sculpture prented by USA to Meaux at WW1 museum

Patrice posing at the Sculpture Park......he just loved it here!!

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