lundi 20 août 2012


We left La Ferte and spent a night moored in the rough just beyond Lock No 8 'Mery'.
 We had automatic lock sensor handpiece in the boat , but in this lock we couldnt get to the lever to make the lock work. I had to climb along the boat against the mucky wall in order to pull it!!....UGHHH!!
 We were in Champagne country at last, these pipes syphon the water up to the tops of the fields of vines.
Beautiful tiling was evident in this quaint house near to 'Nogent l'Arthaud', where we had hoped to stay the night, but the only mooring place was in use by another boat so we turned around and went back to 'Charly'

Our peaceful mooring at Charly, sadly no power or water, but a lovely spot! It was quiet until about 40 Liebevitch Jews turned up for a picnic! The french had shut the bridge so they persuaded another boat to bring them over to our pontoon and climbed over our boat to their picnic!!!!
Charly was a beautiful town and we spent an afternoon cycling round it and looking at the sights.
 A manual winepress made to look very attractive with the plants.
 Oh, how we would love to live here although it was right on the main thoroughfare through the town!!
 Pretty firebacks, just left leaning up against the walls!... We found they had been secured in place though.....!!?!!
 Charly cemetary, made famous by it's box hedges cut in the shape of the tops of champagne bottles!

 We cycled to the top of the hill and looked down into the valley through the vines, for miles.
Our boat from the other side of the river.

We left here this morning and returned to La Ferte this evening, in time for their friday market tomorrow.

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