mercredi 11 juillet 2012


So sorry to our readers that you havent heard from us lately but sadly, after a lovely visit from Dominy, Ross Darcey and Yvie , I managed to fall off my bicycle into the Marne via a 12 foot drop! I broke 3 ribs , got 2 pulmonary emboli, a DVT and a pleural effusion...... Not pleasant and I spent 10 days in a horrid hospital! Not to be recommended, our experience of the french health system has not been good and I certainly wont recommend it to anybody. Apart from anything else it is really expensive but we are hoping to get the money back, or at least some of it!

John managed to reshape the front of the boat again when he hit this random upright green pole in the river, it was straight but this is how we left it!!

 Our electric bikes and our trailer were put to a different use during the visit!!
 Time for all to have a rest!!
 There really are too many swans here to keep fed adequately!!

Ahoy there my Hearties!!

We had a wonderful visit and the children really enjoyed themselves, it was so lovely to have visitors here. We managed to give the girls a firework display their last night, which was John's usual catastrophic type but they enjoyed it anyway! ( Most of the fireworks didnt work!!)

The hospital food here made the NHS look like the Ritz!!

The day after they returned to the UK I had my accident, so we are still here in Lagny-sur-Marne whilst we wait for my anticoagulant bloods to get on an even keel. They seem to be either too high or not high enough and it is just so annoying, however my ribs are healing well and we are most hopeful that we will be able to move sometime next week again....Hurrah!!

Last Monday we laid a ghost to rest, as I got back on my bike for the first time since the accident, and completed the trip that we were going on when I fell! We went to a sculpture park that has been built with the stone reclaimed from a bridge that was destroyed in the second world war. It was really interesting but I was so nervous to begin with!

We found this plant growing in the park, but no, we didnt pick it, although maybe if I smoked it , it would help with my healing ribs!!

This weekend is Bastille Day so we are looking forward to the fireworks. They will be let off from the bridge in front of us so will have really good ringside seats!

Naturally I have to finish this posting with a cute photo of Patrice. The sun is really strong here so we decided that he had to have a sunhat.........

Patrice has a new hat and wanted to show all his readers how handsome he looks!!

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  1. Ai Yai Yai, am glad that you are nearly over this! OMG, breathe deep, heal well, and enjoy the rest of this season. We are in Dijon, waiting for a part for our gennie, more later. Much love, Deb and Randy