lundi 20 août 2012


The friday market was not as good as the previous one, so after just one night we moved on to St Jean les Deux Jumeau, where we were in a heat wave with the temperature reaching the low 40's! We made friends with a lovely family who lived there, and they invited us to their house for a coffee and so we reciprocated with a trip on our boat yesterday morning.
From left to right Jean-Louis (Papa) with Anatole (4) on his knee, then Theotime (10) Soline (9) Baby Titouam (2) Neomie (Maman) and finally Celestin (6). Neomie assured us that she would not have any more but we shall see.......

We left St Jean les Deux Jumeau at 13.40 hours having left behind our passengers but they were a delightfully well behaved set of children and a credit to their parents' upbringing.

Last night we moored just upstream of Ecluse No 11, in a space meant for large commercials, as the pontoon we had stayed at before was occupied by several dozen yobboes. They were jumping off the bridge into the water and then partied until the wee small hours on the pontoon with copious supplies of booze, so we definitely made the right decision!

We set out this morning in yet another boiling hot day with the heat shimmering on the water when we saw a speck in the distance comning towards us at a tremendous rate of knots.....It was the GENDARMERIE in a speedboat! They promptly boarded us and asked to see Passports, ICC licences, and VNF licence for the boat but declined to inspect Patrice's passport though I did offer it to them!  I think they were rather disappointed that we had it all, but rather an overkill of 4 policemen in a speedboat just to inspect us!!!

 Now we are back at Meaux for the night before we move on tomorrow, probably back to the Esbly pontoon if available!!

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