vendredi 3 août 2012

31.07.12 ON THE MOVE!!!!!!

At last, my bloods were ok so off we went to continue our summer cruising! We said our goodbyes to All, including Jackie and Ketty (from the tourist office) and got the Puddle Stone under way again! You can see the pleasure in John's face.....

We had made friends with a duck at Lagny ( we nicknamed him 'Rubber Ducky') who had obviously come from an ornamental pond and who believed he was a swan, he always hung out with the swans!!!
As we went along the river towards Meaux we discovered the place that I had fallen in, the towpath was about the top level of greenery so you can see how far I dropped!
We moored at our favourite pontoon at Esbly, and last night when we returned from a supermarket it was to see a huge boat turning right where we were moored!!!

We were amused to see the duck equivalent of totally detatched housing for ducks......!

I'll finish with the normal cute one of Patrice, just to show how he loves to travel in the wheelhouse right in front of John!

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