lundi 20 août 2012


We moved on from St Jean and made for La Ferte sous Jouarre, which took us about 4 hours of slow motoring to get there. We moored in the municipal Halte, another free mooring with free electricity and water, the only downside was that we couldnt receive the TV there!!
 We went for a lovely bike ride one afternoon along the side of the Marne (no, I didnt fall off.....) and through some wonderful woods, the mixture of greens was almost majical!
 We watched this boat lock through and when we cycled back found they had rafted behind us to the boat behind. We forgave them that, but didnt forgive them for blowing up the elctrics so our last night here was without power!!
 First World War Memorial at La Ferte, was absolutely tremendous and all four sides were inscribed with the names of the men lost. This town was in the Battle of the Marne, resulting in 100's of thousands of lives lost including british and french forces. It was the turning point of WW1 and stopped the germans invading France and resulted in 4 years of trench warfare.
Patrice found this was the best place to hide from the unfriendly dog in the german boat behind.....

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