mardi 30 octobre 2012


We finally made it to Auxerre last wednesday 24thOctober. We arrived at the free side in Auxerre to find that they have dug it all up and are laying out new concrete paths and flower beds!! We managed to stay there for 2 nights but being awoken by a huge digger right outside our bedroom, meant that we had to swallow our pride and ask the Port de Plaissance to make space for us early in our winter moorings. ( we have to pay summer rates until 1st november, but at least we have electricity and peace and quiet!!)
 The sluices had been opened up wide which made our entries into the locks quite difficult!

There are definite signs of Autumn now with the leaves turning into a myriad of colour!

 This photo is taken from the Bow of The Puddle Stone and shows how far away John is when steering !
The reflection as we entered Auxerre, just made this interesting effect, but sadly I didn't quite centre it properly, still I think it looks good!
John sitting in the glorious, but cold, sunlight practising his new songs that he has written.
Here's The Puddle Stone in her winter moorings, as usual the view is fabulous and we dont even have anyone alongside us - thank goodness!!

Just as I was finishing off this entry John called me outside as there were some people dancing in national dress. I took these photos, they were actually filming for a french equivalent of "Come dine with me" which is to be shown tonight. The music was  pleasant, and the dancing entertaining but it was a pity that there were no young people involved, so this is something that is going to die out, a real shame.
Finishing with Patrice as usual, this is his favourite place to sit when we are travelling, poor John has to stand!

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