mardi 11 décembre 2012


Well we cant believe that christmas is only 2 weeks away and we leave for the UK on friday! The time is going so quickly, John and I have been making presents for our respective families and at times the boat has resembled a factory, but we have finally finished in time for John's birthday today.

We were invited to a french couple's home here in Auxerre last night for an 'aperitif'. We thought they meant just a drink with nibbles but no, we were treated to a miniature banquet with the most amazing courses.... Not at all english but we are in France so...... we even had one course that looked like pudding  (with whipped cream on top) but which was in fact celeriac and blue cheese soup....!! We had a lovely evening, but my brain was frazzled by the time we said our goodbyes as I had been talking french for 3 hours and translating everything for John!!!

Last sunday we had lunch with another french couple and their 3 children. We had 'Raclette', which is melted cheese with various cold meats and salad and boiled potatoes. One cooks the cheese in a little dish on an electric hotplate which is placed on the table, great fun and very delicious!

Last saturday night we had dinner on some english friends' boat which is here with us in the port. That was a wonderful meal too so the Christmas overeating has really begun in earnest!!

So finally, it just remains to wish all our friends a very Merry Christmas, and we hope to see as many as possible of you next year!!

Patrice also wishes you all the greetings of the season and he wanted to show you all his early Christmas out fit.......As a reindeer!!!!!!

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