mercredi 10 octobre 2012


Eventually I made the long return journey and got back from the UK late on the evening of 28.09.12 tired but pleased that it had all gone well with good news!
 Our lovely moorings at Moret sur Loing. It suited us all, electricity, water, woodlands for Patrice, a nearby supermarket plus a Lidyl, what more could we ask?
The very early mornings made the river look as though it were boiling!
  We meant to move off the next day but I felt very tired so we decided to stay another couple of days, by which time it was obvious that I had returned from the UK with a nasty virus! So, we eventually left our moorings at Moret on 5.10.12 with a lovely sending off from new found friends!
 Thr trip onto the Seine was much as it had been before, dicing with death with those dratted commercials! We were rather bemused by the 'half a commercial' in this picture!

 The internet is being difficult and I cant delete this sideways picture, but it shows another lovely old ship left to rot on its moorings in the Seine.
 Good old Napoleon signifying that we were about to leave the Seine (Goodee, until the next time, you can pick on someone else now!!!!!)
 We waited ages for this lock to empty of its commercial, seems like we were still being persued! We finally had to moor for the night against grey pylons put in the river for boats to wait for the lock as were 5 minutes too late to go through.  We settled for the night and I was cooking dinner about 8pm when suddenly a huge commercial demanded that we must move for him as he wanted our space!! There was plenty of space behind us for him, there were loads of pylons, so he tried to bully us into movingby pretending to squash against us....! We stayed put and a strange argument followed in half french, half english, and he eventually capitulated..... Oh Commercials!!!!!
 The next day we made for the moorings we had been aiming for the night before and had a peaceful night in the wild outside a disused silo but we were disturbed Sunday morning by....yep more commercials demanding our space so we moved on again.

 We waited ages for this lock and then this beast turned up leaving us nowhere to moor in the lock so we had to tie to the big boat......for once the commercial was pleasant to us but we were glad to get out of that lock! We continued on to Pont sur Yonne where we moored on pontoons meant for us and not for the commercials. The weather was terrible with the rain coming in sideways and even a thunderstorm on monday night so tuesday we moved on and now we are moored at the minicipal halt at Sens where the good people donate us free water and electricity, but sadly the weather is still very wet!
I finish with the cute photo of Patrice who, now the colder weather has arrived, prefers to be protected from the elements by John's bottom!!

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