mercredi 10 octobre 2012


We left Nemours on 19.09.12 and returned slowly to Moret sur Loing staying in the same places as we had on the way up. The weather stayed good for us until we moored back in Moret just above the lock on the 21.09.12, when the heavens opened as we cycled around to the port to make sure that she had kept us a place for the week as I was returning to the UK for hospital tests and appointments. There was no room so we moved on 22.09.12 and moored alongside ' Hendrika' for a couple of nights and John slotted the Puddle Stone into her moorings on the following Monday. On 22.09.12 Moret held a 1900 wedding, everyone dressed up and there was a procession to the church where two young people got 'married' and also two dogs got hitched too....!! All a bit surreal but will show you how in pictures of the day!

It was a lovely day and we were pleased that it was a nice way to spend the day before my long trek back to the UK via local trains, Metro and Eurostar....alone!

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