lundi 22 octobre 2012


We spent a couple of nights at Sens, and had a good time but it rained all the time! We filled the boat up with water, and got talking to a residential bargee who calmly told us we had 3 days to get off the Yonne as it was then closing until the end of November! So we battened down the hatches and set off at full speed, we got to Laroche St Cydroine on 13th october with the river behind us closing on the 15th! So we were saved! We have now been here for 10 days with free water and electricity but tomorrow we leave to go to Auxerre. We will probably get there Wednesday and there we stay for the winter until the end of march 2013!
Our moorings at the moment
 Today we went for a lovely walk in the sunshine with Patrice

Two lovely sunsets!

Usual cute photo of Patrice to finish!!!

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