dimanche 14 novembre 2010

Sunday 14.11.10

Sorry about the huge gap in communications but our furniture arrived on 1st November and we finally unpacked the last box yesterday... in time to host 7 guests for supper!! 
The boat had looked like someone had burgled an antiques/ secondhand shop up until yesterday, here are a few shots of what it was like...

We worked really hard though and yesterday, heres some photos of how it looks now:-

It has been hard work but as we waved our guests off last night (all the way back to their respective boats ) we both remarked on what a transformation our home has undergone!!
We are still best buddies with the local duck and swan gang who now arrive at the boat at midday ready for their free lunch....

Today its raining hard again (no wonder there are so many ducks..!!) and we feel a bit lost as there are no more boxes to undo.....

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  1. Looks nice and tidy now, watch out for storms they make boats untidy