vendredi 29 octobre 2010

Friday 29.10.10.

Yesterday we decided to explore our locality a bit more and ventured forth into the St Etienne cathedral. What a beautiful and fascinating place.  We were quite bemused to see 'The Green Man' so clearly etched on one of the main pillars of the cathedral!! Reminded us of our old life as we had a copy of the Green man outside our front door at Barnfield Farm, Pudelston!!
We also found a lovely gate which led to a minor church (still fantastic) called St Pierre
The town is really very distinctive and we have to walk a long way before we encounter suburbia and modern buildings. Its mainly really old fascinating buildings many of them showing the distinctive black and white (or beige and white) of the 13th century!!
At present John is sitting in the bows playing guitar to any who will listen, basking in the midday sun.... I think I'd better get dressed and join him, once again we had wanted to go to the market today but I didnt wake up until 11am and the market shuts at 12md......
Us sitting in the sun last Sunday evening, the boat is now named and sporting it for all to see on both the bows and the stern.  Including our SSR number, so there is no doubt that we are british and proud of it!!!

Well that's all for now, must go and get dressed......

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