lundi 22 novembre 2010

Monday 22.11.10.

Yesterday was a reasonably sunny day so we got out the electric bikes and started exploring.  It has been a while since we used them, so we stuck to the towpath. It was good seeing where we had come from on the boat, but after a little way it became a reclamation yard so we had to abandon that! We went back and continued on past the boat and found a flat cycle path which had been an old railway track! England could do with doing this, it was delightful and took us all through wooded sidings and over all the roads! We could see for miles and realised for the first time that Auxerre really is quite big. All the french were out 'promenading' and unlike the British they all wished us 'Bonjour' as we cycled past. Its going to be strange when we return to UK and start talking to everyone.  Once the sun went in though, we were reminded that it is the end of November and we became really cold. We couldnt feel our fingers when we returned to our cosy boat but were very glad of the woodburner which had merrily filled our home with warmth!!   Today we checked the local weather forecast on line and we are to have snow tomorrow night and all this week! We will see how warm we are then....

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