lundi 15 novembre 2010

Monday 15.11.10

Forgot to say but last saturday was a bright sunny warm day and we were working hard on cleaningthe boat. We became aware of lots of 'tooting' car horns along the other side of the river.  The sounds came closer and parked in the road near us. Out got a bride, lots of arabic music, and many people all taking photos.  After a while one of the party asked us (in french of course, so it was the usual:-  'Liz, someone wants to talk to us!') if they could take a photo of the couple in our wheelhouse.. It was duly taken with them pretending to drive , and then they moved on to take photos at the next boat! (It was unoccupied, a massive 30metre boat owned by a great chap from Denmark). They then asked us to be included in a photo with the happy couple, so we are in someone's memories of their wedding day! We couldnt find our cameras but I managed to get this one before they moved off..... May all their troubles in the future be 'little ones'....

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