jeudi 25 novembre 2010

Thursday 25.11.10.

Last week we saw a whole load of common cranes flying off in wonderful 'V' formations as you can roughly see in the above photo.  The locals said it was going to snow! Yesterday we checked the forecast on the computer and I'm afraid that the BBC could learn from them because they forecast snow for today... Its now 11.50am and it has been snowing for about an hour and although it isnt entirely settling it IS laying on the ground!! So, exactly one month before Christmas we have snow!  Yesterday we tried to install the central heating timer (thank you czech rebublic - yet another thing that didnt work) and John got so fed up with it, he smashed it!! Well we got another one from the DIY shop and between my french knowledge (really taxed me this time), the dictionary and John's electrical know-how we have today got it working!! HOORAY!! Our boat is very snug now so it can snow all it likes!!!!
The Puddle Stone is nestling in her snowy waters!!!

The trouble with 2 day old bread is it is impossible to cut............... Hahaha!!

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