jeudi 31 mai 2012

01.06.12 Friday

We are waiting for my daughter to arrive with her family so I thought it would be a good opportunity to update the blog, I really dont know where the past 10 days have gone!!!
 This is a huge chinese restaurant and hotel which marks the junction of the Seine with the Marne. We were glad to leave the |Seine behind with its unfriendly huge locks and the weather was just awful while we were on it, which I think coloured our impressions of it!
 Our first lock in the Marne was over and we filled up with water at the lock. We were rather perturbed to see an inflatable with 2 men in it approaching us in the lock. John said they could just wait for us to finish when I realised they were River Police!!!! This is them approaching another barge. They asked us if we had seen anything "Surprising", when we asked what they meant they said a body........ Thankfully that surprising element did not appear to us......
 Entering the tunnel at the beginning of the Marne
 A weird vessel in Nogent sur Marne. A very upmarket town whose marina wanted 33 euros for us to stay the night!!! Needless to say we moved on!!
 I dont know why this picture is sideway but it shows a tree growing through the roof of the restaurant.  I cant even delete it and try again so it will stay on its side I'm afraid.
 Lovely moorings at Lagny sur Marne, where we moved our chicken from the BBQ at the bow to the mast. We like to move him around.
 Sadly John's knot tying hasnt improved and the Cockerel fell upside down. he really must do better!!
 I just love the way the street cleaning machine is called a "Glutton"!!
 The stained windows in the church at Lagny are wonderful, this picture doesnt really do it justice!
 Doing the french thing and twiddling with a beer in the town square.
 Our moorings at Meaux opposite the town beach. A rainbow appeared but it was brilliant sunshine at the time so we dont really understand what that was all about.......

We returned to Lagny from Meaux to await Dominy's arrival, as we werent that impressed with the town moorings there.  We have met people who did stay there and they said it was rather noisy and there were several people sleeping rough there. Not really what I want the little ones to see on their holiday.
As usual I finish with a cute photo of Patrice. The weather has been just wonderful for the last week with unbroken sunny days and our suntans have improved quite a bit. But it was just too hot for Patrice who stretched out in front of our bow camera and VHF radio. The radio didnt go off thankfully, I think he would have had a purple fit!!!!!  We will now enjoy our visitors and catch up with the blog next week!

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