mardi 15 mai 2012


Well, having left Auxerre as expected on 29th March we took the boat to the boatyard in migennes and returned to the UK for Easter with our respective families. We returned to France 15.04.12 and were unable to unpack the car as we had been put the other side of 2 massive hulks in the boatyard, so we moved around to the basin in Migennes for a couple of days before setting off on our summer travels. Then it rained and rained and rained..... and the River Yonne was shut to all boating as the river was in full flood. we kept asking the eclusier who eventually said that we could go the next day... So we packed up, got into the lock and then were told that the river was still forbidden....... so we had to go backwards out of the lock and returned to our mooring in the basin again. After a further 10 days we were told we could go so finally on the 12th may 2012 we set off on our travels.... I took a few pictures in Migennes so here they are with a brief description of what they are about!!!!

 We went to a "Vide Grenier" (literally empty the attics, a sort of jumble sale crossed with a boot fair!!!) This is John looking at some trench art, as you can see from the leaden skies it was raining again!!
 Two dogs having a short back and sides at the lock side!!!

John hanging about by the dustbins with the " dustbin raiders" from left to right, John, Jean, Patrice and Bernard.

Bernard's mum wearing a hat I had thrown out in the bin which Jean (not to be confused with John) had rescued from the bin and given to her!!! They sure take recycling very seriously in Migennes!!

 The tiniest canal boat we've ever seen... it is 7 metres long!!!!!!
 On way at last, but the weirs are pouring water very quickly and it is quite scarey!!
 Two duck who had made their home on a log in the fast flowing river, sadly they seem to have had a disagreement!!
 Our first night away from Migennes we stayed at Joigny, and Patrice took part in his favourite holiday pastime of climbing trees!
 Having left Joigny we made for Villeneuve sur Yonne, the weirs are still flowing extra extra fast, mind you it makes us travel more quickly!!
 Cygnets sitting on the back of their parent, if you look closely you can see them on the front swan!
 This is the life, lovely hot weather and beautiful scenery on our way to Sens.

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