mercredi 16 mai 2012


We left Sens nice and early today as wanted to get some Kms under our belt today, but we were held up at the first lock waiting for this massive beast to lock through before we were allowed to enter!! It really made us feel like a toy boat!

The river is still in full flow, not helped by the huge downpour we had yesterday at Sens, cutting short our sight seeing trip.  It means that we are making really good time for my daughter's visit to us at the end of the month, which at least means she wont have such a long trip as she had last year!

 The scenery has been fab today with quite a few of these really picturesque houses along the edge of the river. This one is just the other side of Pont sur Yonne where we stopped for our lunch.
Here we are moored in absolute wilderness, the first time since we left Migennes on Saturday, this is where we really like to moor rather than town quays despite there not being any water or electricity here! Mind you with our lovely new battery stack we have oodles of power now! If you look carefully you can see Patrice enjoying the wild flowers! ( a dark brown blob to the right of the barge in the long grass)

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