mercredi 23 novembre 2011


Well, we had a busy week last week as it was my birthday, John took me out to lunch on Wednesday and then on Sunday night he gave me a dinner party. He cooked 'Coq au vin' for 8 and did really well!! We had smoked salmon on tomato herb bread (which John made himself) for starters and apple pie and cream for pudding! We had a lovely time and I had 3 lovely gifts from our french friends... thank you everyone once more!!
Today John is busy cutting up the 4 stares of wood that we have just had delivered to us. We ordered it too long as it is cheaper..... so now John  has to cut it before stacking it on top of our boat!!

John is teaching 2 people to play the guitar in exchange for french lessons, he will be better at french, than I am soon.........
We had quite a jolly weekend as we went out with 3 other boat owners on saturday night. Two of them are putting their boats to bed for the winter and we couldnt resist taking this photo of John doing his 'James Bond' imitation!!!

Well,  I think that is all our news for now, so I'll leave you with another fab photo of our little man.......

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