mercredi 2 novembre 2011


Well after our really busy summer, we are now back in Auxerre where we will stay until 1st April next year. We are not quite in the same position as last year, but we getting nicely bedded down again. It is strange not to be moving around any more and I have to say that I do miss it... Still we have managed to install the new computer (lets hope no more viruses for a few years....) and also a new satellite dish and freesat box with a recorder, all very technical and it took quite a while to do it while John disappeared as he is absolutely no use with anything technical!!!
We had some old friends round for dinner last saturday night, I cooked a huge chilli (which all went) and our guests felt so welcome that it was nearly 3am before they left us!! Still we had a great time though I suspect that there were a few headaches on Sunday......!!
Last night we had a couple round who are also staying the winter in Auxerre, and so I suppose you could call them our neighbours!! They said they would come for one drink  but 3 hours later said their goodbyes so I suppose that they felt welcome too!!
Today is sunny which makes a change from the last few rainy days and to celebrate I have a long washing line blowing in the gentle breeze.....

Well, no more news for now......


Our 1st view of Auxerre on our return, the trees are such beautiful colours...

Patrice is not too sure about the swans and they HATE him!!!

 As you can see by the number of bottles, a good time was definitely being had!!! And no, they had to go outside for their cigarette.... its a NO SMOKING boat!!
The Puddle Stone in her winter moorings.!


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