vendredi 4 novembre 2011


Well we had a huge scare last night. The weather was awful with gusty winds and torrential rain... we were watching TV when there was a sudden crash above us and John went to see what had happened... As he didnt immediately return I followed him up to the wheelhouse to see part of the roof missing, torrential rain pouring down, a very scared kitten and John outside doing things with a boathook.....
I put Patrice downstairs, and opened the backdoor. John asked me to hang on to the middle section of the roof whilst he used his legs to get the roof out of the river. The wind was really howling and it was difficult to stand up, eventually he managed to get the roof on to the top of the boat and then very gingerly back into place on the wheelhouse roof. I was so scared he would fall as you know he doesn't swim too well......
Eventually it was done with the roof all covered in leaves and debris from the river- inside!!!
Meanwhile Patrice decided to try and make a run for it and then the TV died.... all in all NOT a good evening, we were both glad to go to sleep!!!!
 The remains of the leaves and debris still clinging to the roof of the wheelhouse this morning....Our Morroccan lantern was still clinging to the underside but is sadly rather smashed from the experience!!

Patrice defending his home from a red setter who thought he would like to visit, he hadnt taken our 'Guard-cat' into consideration!! The leaves and debris behind the boat where our roof landed!!

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