lundi 14 novembre 2011


We have been resident in our usual little spot in Auxerre for a week now, (having moved a week ago  to the exact spot we spent last winter,) and it feels like we have never left!! John is doing his usual trick of showing people over our home whenever people turn up for a stroll along the river bank.. so I'm trying to keep it clean and tidy most of the time!!
His penchant for trailing in the unsuspecting paid off last wednesday when a young lady called Elodie spent the evening with us. She was very sweet and when she left she invited us to dinner tonight so we shall report back sometime this week about that!!
Thursday we entertained again, this time a single chap who is living aboard his huge peniche the other side of the river, we spent a good evening and then Friday night we were invited to our old friends Marie-Jo and Michelle for dinner. We had 'Raclette' a kind of toasted cheese and potato dish (meat too if you want, but not for me...). It is lovely, everyone having a little non stick pan in which you toast your portion of cheese, on a little cooker on the table, and then pour over the small new potatoes, we ate sooooo much!! Then we were taught how to play 'Atout' a french card game. It was a bit confusing and when we left we were still not sure how to play it properly!!! it was 1.30am when we staggered back to the boat through a mysterious mist with only us awake...very romantic!!
Yesterday we watched the herons flying over us to their warmer climes making a huge noise and keeping perfect formation, a real natural wonder of the world!!

It was a lovely crisp sunny day so having hung out the washing (which dried outside despite it being the middle of November) we went for a walk down a lovely avenue of trees to see what was at the end....

What fantastic delights waited for us??


Yep a psychiatric hospital!!! Highly suitable for 2 adults taking a cat for a walk on a lead!!!!

But we both agreed we wouldn't mind being 'treated' in the chateau!!

There were signs everywhere saying 'no entry' but we walked around the garden looking as though we were meant to be there and no-one challenged us!!! In fact many people spoke to us and admired Patrice!!

When we got back we watched 'Frozen Planet' Patrice's favourite programme and as usual he tried to catch the penguins........!!!

Still we had had a lovely day, and I just have to show you my all-time favourite photo of Patrice which summons up all our thoughts of Autumn in this magical land......

Fab isn't it????!!!

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