vendredi 21 août 2015

We continue on our way......

Having left Gigny we continued on our way intending to spend the next night at Tournus. When we arrived there we found that although Gesina had found a place there was no room for us so we said our farewells to our friends Maggie and Nigel and continued to Macon. Parts of the Saone here were very wide, the weather wasn't that good and it was all a bit bleak. We had bow waves breaking over the boat and I hid indoors for some of the way.......
Our moorings at Macon were not very nice but we didn't want to pay 30 euros a night to stay in the Port de Plaisance..It was also a long way from the town. We decided to spend two nights here to get some provisions and to look around the shops. Of course it was 15th August, a bank holiday in France so very few shops were open! We found this interesting signpost by the Port where the monstrous River Cruisers dock.....

This beautiful church was locked so we couldn't see inside!
An incredible wooden house in Macon.

St Nicholas Patron Saint for Sailors has been engraved into the bridge where  it can only be seen from the river.

We continued Sunday 16th on our way taking in the sights of this lovely town from the river.

I loved seeing these swans who were all standing on apparently nothing..... I decided that this was the Swan equivalent of Terraced housing!!

Some of the houses are very beautiful. We spent the next night at a free Halte Fluviale at St Romain des Isles. That night at gone midnight a huge hotel ship went past us at such a speed that they broke our stern rope. Fortunately the bow rope held, we also had our anchor down and were chained at the bows, but our stern got sucked out into the river caused by the monsters speed......

The next night we found this lovely rustic mooring right by some beautiful woods. Sadly Patrice took himself off his lead and got lost in the woods. We spent a horrid two hours calling and searching when it was beginning to get dark....and there he was by the boat drinking from the river. I enticed him in with a promise of 'ham' and I think we were both very glad to see each other!

Mr Heron was keeping his eye on us from the top of this red marker!

We left there Tuesday morning intending to just cruise for a couple of hours but all the moorings were either full or not suitable for our size of boat so 4 and a half hours later we moored in the Halte Fluviale at Lyons.

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  1. I love that the signpost points to Crewe in England - I wondered what the connection was until I Googled it and found that Macon is twinned with Crewe. Something else I didn't know! :) xx