vendredi 21 août 2015


We booked a two night stay here at Lyon but we extended it to three as it was just so lovely here! We went by tripper boat up to the centre of town and then spent nine hours exploring Lyons and then took the boat back again.

The new museum at the Confluence
Our moorings at the Halte Fluviale, behind us the French equivalent of Bluewater!

a typical French square where we people watched and had a beer.

The two rivers , Saone and Rhone, visible from the Basilica

The funicular railway which took us up to the basilica.

The Basilica,

A mosaic wall, one of many inside the Basilica

The high Altar

Part of the ceiling.

church Of St Jean Le Baptiste

Entrance to one of the secret passages connecting the roads in the old town, part of the silk routes.

Cortyard inside one of the passages

Marble Statue by the courts of Justice.

John cooling off in the fountains.

Inside one of the best wool shops ever!

Beautiful stained glass window at St Viziers

Inside St Viziers

A weird boat!

Sculptured heads at the beginning of Lyon

A pagoda?

Our first view of the Basilica when we arrived in Lyon.
We spent our next day topping up supplies and then this morning 21st August we left Lyon to join the Rhone.
The spot where the Saone joins the Rhone, the 'Confluence'

unusual painted building

Exiting our first Rhone Lock!!!
Tonight we are moored at Vienne, tomorrow the adventure continues!

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