vendredi 21 août 2015

The Grand Adventure Begins For The Puddle Stone.....

We left St jean de Losne on 11th August together with our friends on Gesina and set off on our mighty task of navigating the Saone then the Rhone on our quest to the Mediterranean.

The Saone is a beautiful river, the following picture is the junction between the Soane and the Canal de Centre.

The downside of this huge river is definitely these River Monsters, masquerading as a holiday for some 250 odd people!

We spent our first night at Seurre then continued to reach Gergy for our second night. It was extremely hot and these three riders had just taken their mounts for a dip in the cooling river!
The second night we spent at Gigny, a disused lock used as a Port de Plaisance. It was very expensive for what we got (1Euro per metre) but a windwhipped up from somewhere the sky suddenly went black and a torrential rainshower ensued. We were paying for our stay at the time and had to run around the entire lock to reach our boat and found the sunumbrella destroyed and our belongings scattered over the top deck with some of our belongings having fallen into the river. My kindle was found teetering on top of the disused lock gate and its cover had reached a watery grave..... not happy!


We just spent one night there and then set off again!

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