lundi 10 septembre 2012


We cycled 8Kms each way today so that we could visit Fontainebleau palace. We have had a super day and spent 3 hours going around the sumptuous rooms open to the public. Ive always loved Napoleon, since I was about 10 years old and really wanted to see this place, and now we have!
 A curious fountain in the Garden of Diana.... yes the dogs are really weeing!!! Bizarre!!
 Oval Courtyard, in the middle is the keep, all that remains of the Medieval castle. Fontainebleau was first constructed in 1137 at the time of Louis VII
 All that is left of the canal that used to go to the Palace during the time of Henri IV
 The Golden gate dating from the riegn of Francois I, this was the original entrance to the Palace in 1528
 A lovely stained glass window depicting Napoleon.
 The Pope's Bedchamber
 Francois 1 Gallery, which was started in 1533.
 The Games room in the Napoleon's private rooms
 Marie Antoinette's Bed - she never slept in it as the revolution happened before she had a chance!
The Queen's Boudoir / Marie Antoinette's washing chamber.

 The above 2 pictures need to be rolled into one but this is Napoleon's Bed inthe once Louis XVI's dressing room. The furnishings are still as Napoleon used it in 1814.
Napoleon's bathroom, he often gave audiences here!! Apparently he loved to bath.....
 Chapel of the Holy Trinity, High Altar, completed in Louis XIII's reign. This was where Louis XV got married to Marie Lecszinska on 5th September 1725.
 Part of the side wall of the chapel

 The Palace with the Lake Pavilion built during Louis XIV's reign
This is the Horseshoe Staircase which overlooks the Horseshoe Courtyard, this is where Napoleon made his farewell speech before he went off to exile in Elba.

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