dimanche 9 septembre 2012


We didn't move very far... just travelled for one and a half hours and found this lovely mooring in Samois sur Seine so we have stayed here for 3 nights so far, and probably another two or so more!! We are moored on the island where the Django Rheinhard festival takes place every June, as he lived here...( and died here!) it is wonderfully peaceful and at night is a lovely pitch black velvety darkness. Access is by the bridge you can see in the right hand side of the picture, so we have no cars or noisy motorbikes to spoil our peace.. just the dratted commercial boats!!

 Some times on our short cruise we had the Seine to ourselves with superb forests either side of the river. This is the famous Fontainebleu forest and we hope to go and see the famous castle there.
 This is Samois sur Seine port which costs 12 euros to stay per night but we are mooring totally free although we have to generate our own electricity!

 The town square is shoewn in these 2 pictures. It shows a typical sleeepy french square with at least 3 restaurants that we saw! Access to it from the river involves a really steep walk up a cobbled hill and takes about 30 minutes to get up and 20 minutes to get down!
 Last night we met up with our friends on the Cave Vagabonde. They were moored in the Quai to sell their burgundy wines and beers, and once they shut up shop we had a lovely evening in their wheelhouse sampling their local beers and we contributed a dubious bottle of Lidyl red wine. As we drank that last it really tasted OK!!! John entertained them with some of his new songs which he has been composing at a remarkable rate and when we left the boat a lady outside asked John if he would play 'Dead Duck' again especially for her.... John had to decline as he felt he was not sober enough to do it justice. Sometimes it is good to keep the fans keen.......??!!??
The proprieters of the Cave Vagabonde (from left to right) Martin, Elio, and Anne. These friends are part of our first french friends that we made back in 2010 and they always make us feel so welcome! Age seems to become insignificant on these occassions and we are just so grateful they include us in their busy schedule!

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