vendredi 7 septembre 2012


We spent 3 lovely nights at our lock but decided we should move on, so Monday we went to Melun. We spent the most uncomfortable night there in the Port de Plaisance which cost us 12 euros and the large commercials battered us until very late at night ( gone 11pm) and started again at 6am! We were smashed against the quai with our fenders giving us very little protection. Our advice to others is NEVER to moor there, we shall certainly avoid it!
 Large hotel boat which went past us in the Seine.
 A very strange VNF boat, we are not sure what is is used for??!!
 Melu state prison, on an island and only a stone's throw from our awful moorings!

 You need to join these two pictures together as they are just one boat, 150 metres in length but I copuldnt get it all in in one shot. There are real monstrous boats on this river!
 We settled above lock number 3 at 'Bois le Roi' and have spent 3 nice nights here.... well not strictly true but more later....

 Bois le Roi has some fantastic houses, its a kind of french equivalent of Bishop's Avenue in north London, but scattered throughout the town are what are obviously rehab or expensive clinics with electric gates etc..
 Patrice made friends with 'Fifi' and his owner 'Fabrice', the inhabitants of the town were very friendly but of course we didnt know if they LIVED here or if they were inhabitants of a gated community!! Whilst we were sitting enjoying the peace and quiet, a fox cub came out of the bushes straight in front of us. He was most surprised and hid himself very quickly again in the bushes.
 Yesterday this monster parked behind us for some repairs to the engine.
 You can see from the other side of the river how big that barge was with us nestling in front of it, another double barge tied together.
 Yesterday whilst we were sitting in the sunshine a young man, Thomas, asked if John would be his 'exhibit' of the day and play for the group of the people back at the house. They asked us to go at 6pm where 15 young people asked us about our life on a barge and John played them quite a few songs.

They then had goes on our electric bikes and we returned to the barge for our BBQ supper.

 John found this piece of better-than-average graffitti which says 'another world is possible', we thought that was quite thought provoking.

Having watched another beautiful sunset we went in to watch some quality TV (?!). At 10 o'clock we were aware of a very bright light......another monstrous barge was coming in to moor where we were! They couldnt fit in the gap behind us being even larger than the earlier boat so they asked us to move! It was pitch black and we couldnt see so with a great deal of sign language we got the 2 boats in front of us to move up and we moved up behind them, into a huge cloud of moths! It was like something out of a hammer horror movie, they looked like snow teeming at the front of the boat! eventually John and I went to settle down for the evening again when we realised Patrice had jumped ship....We found him back where we had been moored looking in vain for his home! What a day, today we will move on, hopefully to get off the Seine and away from these dratted commercials... we really dont like them!

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