samedi 23 juillet 2011

Puddlestonia announces arrival of 'PATRICE'

At last after looking for as long as we have been in France we now have our kitten, a 3month old tabby called Patrice. We have been looking and asking everyone and today a lady approached us as we left the barge to say that we should go to the vets around the corner... we were on our way to look at some very tiny kittens but we changed course and went to the vet... There we were given Patrice plus food and worming pills and we have had a lovely day playing with him and getting him used to us. We thought long and hard about names but this was by mutual agreement. He's great and we are as pleased as punch.... At least St Jean de Losne got something right for us, we are not terribly enamoured by the town, particularly as we arrived in the middle of the canoeing championships and they closed the river!!!

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