mardi 19 juillet 2011


Well we are back from our distressing time in the UK. We have also got over having my oldest out here for a week and now we are moving on tomorrow from Dijon.  We spent a nice time doing touristy things but I cant wait to get on with travelling again, we are also in search of winter moorings although we have provisionally booked Auxerre again.
We climbed a mountain last week to visit the 'Notre Dame de l'Etang statue'  and when we finally got to the top it was to see a load of paragliders waiting to take off! We watched a couple go, something I wouldnt like to do I'm sure!!

The statue was a marvel in victorian engineering but is now fenced off as it needs repairs, but can be seen for miles around, France's equivalent of Rio I suppose!!

The swans have grown alot since we first saw them but appear to be as grumpy as their father and fight alot!!
John has just told me that the repairs are not going well, so he is not sure if we will move tomorrow, and whilst I've been on the computer and John was down in the engine room either someone has stolen one bedroom curtain or else the wind has removed it without trace..... (where can I get velvet curtains in France that don't cost the earth? wish Leominster was round the corner.......)

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