samedi 30 juillet 2011


We left fragnes yesterday and made our way to Chagny, we will stay until Monday as they apparently have a fantastic Sunday market which we want to go to. The weather has at last stopped raining although it is still cloudy at times, it is still really hot when the sun breaks through!!
 On our travels yesterday, we saw a huge woodyard who appeared to be keeping the tree trunks wet with sprayed water..not sure why?
 Some of the locks were very deep but only half of the big one at the entrance to this canal.
 The bollards float up with you so its not as bad as having to get the rope over the bollard at the top.
 Entrance to the beginning of Chagny, we were pleased to see this having done 11 locks in 3 hours!!! All electric and self operated, it is quite difficult to pull the rope to start them off too.....
 Our moorings at Chagny.
 Patrice is getting used to going out on his harness, at least he's stopped fighting it but doesnt walk very well on it yet, and just falls over on to his side!!
He loved this bench and seat, a ready made climbimg frame for cats!!!!!

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