lundi 4 mai 2015

We're singing in the rain....!!

We left Gurgy after our massive boot fair experience on the Monday and made our way towards Migennes. We were in the company of a bumper boat who was behaving rather erratically so we opted to moor in forest land just before Ecluse No9 'La Graviere'. we stayed there two nights and only moved on as a youth convention was starting up and we thought it might get rather noisy!! We safely moored at Migennes Port, with only one other boat on the Quai.

The deep lock between the Yonne and The Burgundy Canal

It was so hot the camels have arrived!
We moved on after two nights in Migennes having visited their excellent market first, it was very dusty and rather smelly at times due to the Sewage farm...... We next moored at Brienon, opposite the Port de Plaisance there as they wanted 15 euros a night  without any electric or water, that was extra! We had lovely moorings there and stayed a few nights, visiting a motocross championship on the sunday which looked very dangerous!

 The Lavoir at Brienon is well worth a visit, it is sunk down from the road and is beautifully maintained.

The impressive entrance to the Lavoir

Our moorings at Brienon.
Two young dutch fishermen camped behind us in the pouring rain and caught this monster Carp weighing 19.3Kg!

We left there and moved on to St Florentin but although we had judged it fairly well, it did rain quite a bit. This is John opening the gates with some appears the French don't have WD40.....

A pretty little lock cottage on the Bourgoyne.

We moved on again on the 30th April and moored at Flogny-la-Chapelle. This Quai is now derelict. We had got water here before but as you can see it's all switched off and in a terrible state. We really needed water but we managed to spend the Bank Holiday weekend here, its been a torrential downpour the entire time. Today, we set off again, as the sun is shining even if not too brightly!!!

I suppose it stopped other boats mooring here too!!
A beautiful spiders web on the outside of our window, just like rows of sparkly pearls!

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