mercredi 20 mai 2015

Lazing around at Lezinnes!

We left Flogny and continued on to Tonnere. A bit of a miserable journey as it rained and we could see from the canal that the river Armancon was in full flood.

These poor cattle were stuck up in the corner of their field surrounded by floodwater. We saw the Gendarmes and farmers trying to rescue them, it was very reminiscent of two years ago when we were in exactly the same place when the floods came!

This was one of the trucks there to rescue the cattle.

This heron wasn't at all phased by our presence, they usually fly away when we get close to them!

We went past this beautiful chateau, but by the time I located the camera we were almost past it!

John was amused by this concrete pair of jeans and bra we found at one of the locks....


The 2 above photos were taken at Tonnere where the river was very angry and had flooded the town blocking our way to the shops.You can see that the water was nearly at the top of the arches of the bridge.

At Tonnere we were visited by our good friends from Auxerre, Marie-Noelle, Samuel and their grandchildren and daughter in law. We had a lovely day with Raclette and chocolate cake for lunch. We had promised a trip in the barge but because of the water levels it was not allowed.

John and Samuel on the fitness apparatus by the port (next door to the childrens playground there are several machines for adults to use, great fun and we pretended we were getting fit....)

Left to right:- Melvil, Salome, John, Me, Samuel and Marie-Noelle.

The magnificent Lavoir at Tonnere.

A duck nest right by the childrens playground....hope they survive!
On the 10th May our other French friends came from Auxerre to see us, this time the sun was shining and the water levels were lower, so we took a bargeful up to Tanlay....
My lovely friend Johanna who cried when they went home because John won't be in Auxerre this winter......

Maxime pretending that he is the Captain!

I was rather perturbed at first glance as I thought that the chap on the right was naked.....he did have trunks on but they were miniscule and pink so not easily viewable......

A bit early for Father Christmas but this is obviously where he hangs out in the summer months!!
We stayed at Tanlay for a week, they provide us with free water and electricity and there is a fab pizza restaurant at the Quaiside. We ate there 3 times....not so good for our diets but very delicious! Patrice always keeps us company there, he is lazing by the tree in this picture.
 The last time we were in the UK we got this "Doggyhut"trailer for Patrice so he can come with us when we go for cycle rides. It taxed John greatly in putting it together but eventually it was accomplished.

Patrice has a feather pillow inside covered by a faux fur mat, he really enjoyed his view of the countryside from his new trailer. As you can see it arrived with a broken left back reflector..made in china I guess but thankfully not OF china...... We cycled up into the surrounding area and found this 12th century monastery, with no sign of any occupancy now and it was surrounded by gates and barbed wire.

We wondered who had chiselled this cross into the stone, guess this is medieval "tagging"!

Patrice settled down here, he loved the plant he's lying in and kept rubbing his face into it!

Beautiful fields of yellow rape, we had the whole area to ourselves, it was so peaceful.
Last Sunday a lady asked if she could sketch our boat and about an hour later she showed us this:-

We marvelled at her talent but she could not give it to us as it was inside a leather bound sketch pad but she let us take a photo of it.
This was our moorings at Tanlay. moored behind us is a hotel barge "C'est La Vie" where rich americans pay $7,000 each for six nights aboard....

We went to a Vide Grenier at Ancy le Libre but didn't buy anything for once!

They were cleaning the side of the hotel boat as it went through the bridge...a kind of quick Boat Wash?!

We are now at Lezinnes, but are setting off again tomorrow. We are really hanging around as we have to go back to the UK at the end of May for a couple of weeks as John's Dad is having an operation so we don't want to go too far before that. we leave you with this proud Mummy duck and her 7 babies who she is teaching to beg for bread!

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  1. What a beautiful post full of lovely things. I love the cat trailer and am amazed at your cat sitting in the grass. Does he ever get scared and run off? I'd be afraid of losing him. Those ducklings are SO cute.
    Anne xx