dimanche 8 juin 2014

Cravant - Mailly la Ville - Mailly le Chateau - Chatel-Censoir - Coulanges

Internet connection has been appalling so I'm having to do a major catchup this weekend so that we are up to date again. We left Cravant on the hottest day of the year so far (25degrees) having explored it thoroughly first we moved to Mailly-la-Ville.

John thought this might be a good place to buy?!!! Sad to see that they have just allowed this place to fall down in Cravant.

Lovely town gate to Cravant

We had a drink in the little bar opposite this exquisite fountain.

Some of the buildings there look like the ones in Auxerre.

The high street...not much happening although we saw a traffic jam here a few moments later....!!!!
we moved on to Mailly -la-Ville where I caught up on the washing and ironing, staying two nights and then moved to Mailly-le-Chateau. A lovely sleepy grass inlet in the middle of forest but to our delight they had installed more free water and electricity here so we spent a week there. We were joined intermittently by many boats some of which we had met before.

Our lovely wild mooring

 Our friends Chris and Betsy on 'Maggie May'
The two men in my life , fast asleep following a tough evening discussing politics and playing boules.....

The weather threw some wild stuff at us, this thunder and lightening storm blew many things off the top of the boat!

This was a pilgrimage to Vezelay which consisted of hundreds of people walking past us in groups each bearing a cross....

The ton of Mailly le Chateau most of which is perched at the top of the hill, a very long steep walk!

A beautiful sunset after the storm.
 The rocks at 'Le Saussois'
We were overtaken (on the inside!!) by two holiday boats who had spent a very noisy night alongside us..

Patrice playing with a mouse (its playing 'dead' and got away!!!)

Patrice and John driving the boat.

a weird boat which we nicknamed 'Bunkbed' for obvious reasons!!

All things must pass so we moved on again and moored at Chatel -Censoir. We stayed 3nights but were rather put off by the mayor calling on the boat the first night at 9.30pm to ask us how long we would be there!! Not very welcoming! Supplies had become rather dire so we moved to Coulanges which had a supermarket of sorts and we managed to get the essentials. it was cold and wet here and we only stayed a night.

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