dimanche 8 juin 2014

Clamecy - Cuncy- Villiers sur Yonne

We arrived at Clamecy on 30.05.14, having the Quai to ourselves so John expertly reversed into a place where we could exit from with some eloquence.
Our first encountered swing bridge, this year.

Puddle Stone gracefully gliding underneath it.

A chateau by the side of the Nivernais.
For some reason this wont go the right way up, but having risen from the Yonne river to The Canal at Clamecy we were confronted by a low metal bridge which the lockeeper had to push open for us! We stayed at Clamecy for 3 nights but we were only charged for one night as they didnt arrive for payment after the first two! Our main reason for staying so long, apart from necessary food shopping, was a giant 'Brocante' which was held on the sunday. There were loads and loads of stalls but this is what we purchased:-
A giant red fruit pie, which sadly ,despite looking delicious, is in fact PLASTIC!

3 delightful glass sweeties...non fattening!

A metal statue of my favourite Napoleon.

The next day, Monday we moved and moored at a place called Cuncy (John wanted to stay there because he thought the name was funny!!) We stayed 3 nights by which time we discovered that we were not at Cuncy but at Villiers sur Yonne where there were electricity points for the boats but they were all broken.
I like to help with the lockgates and I'm looking cheerful here...

but the reality is that they don't grease their mechanisms and turning this handle was real backbreaking work!

A mummy duck with two ducklings locked through with us!

Thank goodness this swing bridge was open for us.

 Our moorings at Villiers sur Yonne

A beautiful little cottage.

Thank goodness for washing machines, wouldn't like to have done our smalls in this!!

The weather was very bad we had decided to leave so we stayed put, and HJohn spent the time making a figurehead for the bows.

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